3 Mindset shifts for Entrepreneurial Success

Your inner game or mindset dictates how successful you are in business, life and relationships. Although it is good to have a lot of training, mentorships, marketing strategies, a pretty website etc. going for you, but the sad truth is if you don’t believe that you are worthy of success then guess what? This becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you want to be open to receive financial abundance, name and fame in your business you need to make 3 mindset shifts to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Mindset shift # 1: Take 100% responsibility

If you don’t like where you are then you are the one responsible for changing where you are, no one else. Sounds harsh? Not really because it is the plain truth! And yet extremely difficult to honor and live by on a daily basis.

We habitually blame something or someone for the state of our sadness, happiness and success or every emotion that we experience. The focus is external instead of internal. By shifting the focus on the internal we have complete power to delete self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck and in the negative.

The bottom line is we are responsible for our actions. There is no master blueprint for your life, no grand destiny, and no pre-determined circumstances that will dictate or shape our lives much less our business. Yes, the Universe will give you what you ask for, but you have to ask for it first.

Start taking 100% responsibility for your life today!

Mindset shirt # 2: Take action

This one is my favorite and even though I advocate action over non-action I have found myself in the space of non-action more than I’d like to admit!

Sometimes the goals that we set for ourselves can have the capacity to overwhelm us so we stay stuck, unable to make a move. But we forget that anything worth accomplishing such as creating a six-figure business, raising responsible and obedient children, excelling in baking gourmet cookies or whatever it is does not happen overnight.

We need to take baby steps to making the extraordinary happen. Sometimes its uncomfortable and we resist moving forward; the good news is that therein lays our opportunity for breakthrough and growth.

So no matter what you do keep moving and taking action.

Mindset shift # 3: Practice gratitude

Start and end your day by spending 5-10 minutes being grateful Request personal prophecy about all that you have received in life. Expressing gratitude and acknowledging the positive things in our lives raises our vibrational energy and attracts more abundance and blessings.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day that we often forget to thank the Universe for all the blessings that have been showered upon us.
For instance in my business I thank each prospect that comes in my path, for each networking opportunity that I attend, each referral that I receive and for the current clients that I serve in my business. Doing so has raised my energy and has multiplied my success.

How can you incorporate this attitude of gratitude in your life? Is it by journaling, making a mental list or praying to the Divine? Whatever way works for you is acceptable as long as you have an attitude of gratitude.

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