There are a lot of guides out there discussing how Bum Marketing works. The method itself is based on tried and tested techniques which were already used for years by Internet marketers and is also known as Article Marketing. Bum Marketing costs nothing to get started and you can start profiting immediately, creating a passive income that pays month after month after month.

How to master this technique is what this article all about so you can start making money online immediately by simply following the steps below and start creating a passive, residual income and live the comfortable life you want.

5 Proven Steps To Master Bum Marketing Techniques:

1. To start with Bum Marketing, you will need to find out a niche that is in high demand with less or minimal competition. If there is high competition, it will be harder for you to make money. Once you think you’ve found that money making niche, then start searching for the right product.

2. Find an affiliate programs that caters the product that can Pinoy Teleserye complement the niche you targeted and go for keywords again with less competition. Use your common sense and think of at least 15 (long-tail) keywords that people would type in on the search engine to find your article and your affiliate link.

3. Start to write several contents/articles based on the list of keywords and phrases you’ve generated. You may choose to write two or more articles on each keyword, therefore you should be writing at least 30 articles per product or niche. With bum marketing, the more articles you write, the more readers you will get, and therefore, the more sales you will generate.

4. If you want to optimize your articles and get indexed by search engines, which means more traffic and more chances for you to make money. You can do this by including a keyword in your title, on the first paragraph of your article body, the body of your article and the last paragraph of your article.

5. Submit and publish your articles to high rank article directories and wait for a while for it to get picked up by the search engines. Make sure your articles are a top notch and of good quality or else its not going to work. Publishing your article is easy, start by creating an account with and start submitting your articles for approval. Don’t forget to give the reader a powerful “call to action” on your bio box.

Apply these 5 proven steps using Bum Marketing techniques and start making money online for free. Simple, easy to follow and it’s a proven method. Once the money starts pouring in, I guarantee you, you will not want to stop writing articles.

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