Istanbul is one of the most welcoming cities in the world. The transcontinental location makes the city a crossroads of different cultures. Ever since the first time a proper settlement as a city was established in 660 B.C by Thracians, people from different parts of the world visited Istanbul. And for almost 2500 years it hasn’t changed.

Having a crucial role on binding the two continents, Europe and Asia, always attracted ordinary people, merchants and even emperors. Being a proper and organized city started with Thracians, and then Roman and Ottoman Empires held the city. The dominant culture and religion certainly changed throughout history but there is one thing that hasn’t changed; people from all around the world always came to Istanbul. No matter what the dominant culture was, Istanbul always improved itself by absorbing something new from every single people and culture that someway visited the city. Like a melting pot, Istanbul is a mixture of every culture that touched the city. Most importantly, because of Istanbul has a piece of various different cultures when you visit the city you won’t feel like a foreigner. After spending some time, it will feel like home and you may start to look for cheap apartments in jerusalem for sale.

Istanbul is not only Turkey’s attraction center but also world’s. This is the reason why throughout history Istanbul has been a tempting city to live in. Today, Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world. Between January 2014 and October 2014 around, 10 million foreign tourists visited the city. This statistic speaks for itself. Considering that in 2014 Turkey had 40 million foreign tourists, the importance of Istanbul can be understood even better. Not only in tourism and historical background, but also in international flights Istanbul plays an important role in the world. In 2014, only Atatürk International Airports by itself had 38 million international passengers. And the only thing that holding Istanbul back to have more passengers is the capacity of the airport. Because of that the Third Airport is under construction. And it is planned to have 150 million passengers annually. Once finished, it will be the biggest airport in the world.

Istanbul can be a home to anybody who is considering living in it. Lots of different cultures had something to add the culture. This makes Istanbul to help people feel like home. You can find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul if you are considering living in the city.

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