There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing an epilator, IPL hair removal devices, waxers, and shavers:

If you struggle to find the time for regular shaving, consider longer-term hair removal options such as an epilator.

Make your choice according to your skin and hair type. For example, IPL treatment will not be as effective on those with dark skin and light hair as it will on those with light skin and dark hair.


Pay attention to different modes that come with a hair removal device as this will greatly increase versatility and, in some cases, minimize discomfort.

Bear in mind the effects that hair removal can have on your skin. For example, regular shaving can cause irritation that can be avoided by other methods.

Laser Hair Removal/IPL

Quick and painless, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology stuns the hair follicle causing the hair to fall out naturally. What is more, IPL suppresses regrowth so you can enjoy silky-smooth skin for months at a time.

Shop for an IPL device with a large light area as this will help you cover the areas of your body that you want to remove hair from faster.

Adjustable settings allow you to tailor the device to suit your skin and hair. Models with auto energy levels can do this for you, so you always use the right settings.

Consider IPL systems with replacement lamps as this will increase the lifespan of the device. However, most devices come with lifetime flashes.

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