Hawaii is one of the world’s premiere destination wedding locations for obvious reasons. The tropical paradise is a wonderful place to exchange vows and multitude of settings-from luxurious beachside resorts to quaint chapels and up-country locations-are like no others in the world.

When planning a Hawaii wedding, there are several key considerations. These include location, celebrant, photography and some of the extras that make a Hawaii wedding special.

Hawaii Wedding Locations
Each of the main Hawaiian islands have something special to offer for weddings.

Oahu has some nice wedding locations not far from Waikiki Beach and can be a good choice for those who are seeking a wedding and possible honeymoon in a more urban environment. Hotels and services are generally less expensive in Oahu, so it a common choice for more value-conscious brides and grooms.

Maui is another popular choice for weddings in Hawaii. Home to many luxurious oceanfront resorts, Maui has many splendid locations-both oceanfront and up-country. A wedding on Maui, however, can be very expensive as the accommodations, food and service providers are probably the most expensive in Hawaii.

A Kauai wedding is a good choice for those who are comfortable with a smallĀ  Koa wood rings island feeling. There are many splendid beaches and resorts in Kauai, but note that you will probably have fewer choices than you would on Maui or Oahu.

A Hawaii Island (often called the Big Island) wedding are popular due to the unique beauty and excellent locations while at the same time having many world-class resorts. Most Hawaii weddings are in West Hawaii along the Kohala and Kona coasts. The Big Island also offers a huge variety of land and water activities to make for a great honeymoon location.

Most weddings in Hawaii are just the ceremony, with the official marriage license in the home location of the bride or groom. Check the Hawaii Department of Health for information about getting your marriage license and certificate in Hawaii.

The best way to find a celebrant for a wedding in Hawaii is to look online and make some initial contacts. There are many wedding planners on all the islands if you would prefer a pre-arranged package. Consider having a celebrant, perhaps Native Hawaiian, that can add a special Hawaiian touch to the ceremony. After all, it is a shame to come to Hawaii for a wedding and not have something special from the islands.

Hawaii Wedding Photographers
Don’t make the mistake of having a relative or friend be your wedding photographer. A professional Hawaii wedding photography will have the best equipment, eye for detail and experience that will capture the moment you will only have once in your life. A professional wedding photography in Hawaii will, for example, know how and when to get the wedding party organized and staged for those all-important sunset photos. A professional will also know how to capture great sunset photos, which is not an easy task for most novice photographers.

Hawaii Wedding Extras
There are many extras that can make a wedding in Hawaii extra special. One great touch is to buy wedding rings with a Hawaii touch. For example, Koa wood, a gorgeous endemic wood to Hawaii makes for some truly spectacular wedding rings. Another great Koa wood product is handcrafted Koa wood bowls.

Leis are another Hawaiian wedding tradition that should not be overlooked. Men tend to wear maille leaf leis. It’s a nice touch to have the wedding party adorned in pikake or ginger leis.

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