Not everyone was born and bred eating broccoli and brown rice. Maybe your parents had or have a sweet tooth. Cakes and cookies surround you. Late night munchies tempt you. Don’t let them win! You’ve got abs to uncover, and a butt to kick! You’ve got weight to lose and fat to shed! You’ve got a nice beach you want to hit and feel comfortable on! Stop making excuses… start being stronger.

This article isn’t going to be nice and easy. It’s not going to be your grandmothers aerobics tape. The truth is… we all stress out way too much. Once I realized this early in my training career, I opened up the door of opportunity. Through that door lay the truth. The truth about how one is successful with this whole diet and exercise stuff.

It all starts on the inside. Literally. We’ve all heard that abs start in the kitchen right? Well… they actually start in your head. I’m not getting all crazy on ya… but it’s the truth.

Every time you go back for a second huge helping of those buttery mashed potatoes or fried chicken. Every time you skip on the gym because you don’t feel like it instead of having a legitimate excuse. Stop stressing over it. If it happened, let it go. Who cares? Tomorrows another day. But you better hit that gym harder than you ever did. Just kidding…

Want to know the secret to losing weight for life?

BE STRICT WITH YOURSELF. Put your own foot down and be tough!

Learn how to count your calories and do it for a week… I bet if you stay within your caloric range you’ll lose weight!!! See the success. See that it works. So every time you want to go crazy at the sushi buffet… you’ll think twice.

That’s all there is to it… discipline of thinking twice.

We can do that… we learned that in like kindergarten when we were told if we didn’t have anything nice to say we weren’t supposed to say it at all… we had to think first… i.e. Would Jimmy want me to mention how I think he has a weight nose? No probably not I guess I shouldn’t. Well think before you eat and if you don’t have anything good to eat then don’t eat at all! Yes. I said it! Don’t eat at all!

Lets be real here… diabetes, obesity, lower sex drive, higher chance of getting cancer of the breast and prostate, a pot belly and low confidence are all caused by poor eating habits and gaining weight.

Do you want to feel better? Do you want to look better?

Don’t you want to lose the weight and feel awesome about it!?

Then BE STRONG. Stop buying the shit! Eat good! Workout the best way you can.

And reap the wonderful freaking benefits!!!!!

Changing your diet habits will be tough. It will take time. But the truth is just like everything else… it will form into a habit and eating crappy foods will actually begin to gross you out for the most part. Just remind yourself… I just went to the gym for an hour… I want nicer arms and a flatter stomach.

Picture what those cookies will do if you have 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. They will go to your butt! Not the way lunges or squats do either… the bad way… now I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want a chocolate chip cookie ass so maybe I’ll just have 1 cookie instead.

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