A paint job does not get much nicer than a freshly painted car. Even worse is when you have a car sitting outdoors as particulates and other elements can wreck havoc on your car. If you are the kind of guy that wants to have a shiny car or simply want to keep the paint looking good, you are going to want to keep reading as I am going to review clay bar technology and talk in depth about how to apply it to your automobile.

The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to be a professional car care guru to become proficient at the clay bar, rather you need to take the time to learn the proper method and practice it a few times to feel comfortable and have a good idea of exactly what you are looking for. Before we get into how to use it, lets take a look back at history and how the clay bar technology has evolved over time.

Mothers introduced its Clay Bar technology years ago as a paint saving system after seeing quite a bit of success from its professional car detailers and body shops. The clay bar was initially created to remove debris and contaminants that were embedded into a cars paint – the stuff the average car wash would not remove. If are having a tough time thinking about debris that are small enough to get into the paint, think along the lines of tree sap, paint over spray and even airborne environmental deposits. Now the key to the wax is to remove all these contaminants so that your car is nice and smooth and ready to go over with your favorite wax.

So now that you know what it is and how to use it, lets Universal Car Cleaning Clay Bar go over our step by step procedure:

The first step is to see if you need it, you can rub your hand over your paint and if you feel the paint being a little rough, you better run to the store and pickup some clay bar treatment. Once you have your clay bar treatment in hand, verify that the box came with some show time spray and the yellow clay. Now when cleaning your paint, the object is to keep the surface lubricated with the show time spray and rub the clay bar over it thus removing the debris.

I like to start by taking the clay bar and cut it up into little tiny pieces, such as half inch by half inch. Once you have your clay bar cut up and show time spray on the car go ahead and start to push the clay bar across the paint, you will quickly not it is working by simply flipping over the clay bar to see the debris being picked up. a special note – if you do not have enough show time spray on your car, the clay bar will stick to your paint – not good. I like to work on 1 foot by 1 foot squares so that I can follow the clay bar with a cloth to wipe up the excess show time spray working my way across the whole car. Once you finish an area I like to take my hand across the paint to feel the nice “glassy” feeling which allows my mind to know that my paint is now clean and ready for my favorite wax.

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