For women, just as much as men, a low sex drive can wreak havoc on their personal lives and relationships. There are many reasons why sex drive can be lower than normal from quick weight loss to menopause, diabetes to stress. All the reasons of a low sex drive point in one direction for the woman, the direction of help.

Medical Treatment for Low Sex Drive

If a woman is experiencing a low sex drive and the related vaginal dryness, there is help out there in the forms of medicine. This is especially true for the woman who is post menopause. Hormone replacement therapy for the women who does not produce adequate supplies of estrogen and testosterone will help to increase sex drive and eliminate the dryness of the vaginal area associated with menopause.

For the woman who has not been through menopause, testosterone supplementation may be needed to spark sex drive. Blood tests will be run by a physician and the levels of testosterone carefully measured to keep the woman within normal females ranges.

Natural Treatment for Low Sex Drive

For a more natural treatment, there are supplements available to women of all ages who are seeing a change in sex drive for the worse. These changes can be a harboring force in intimate relationships. With the help of natural supplements, the vaginal dryness, low sex drive and lulling or absent climaxes can be reversed.

These natural supplements often contain herbs, vitamins and minerals that have been used in Asian homeopathic medicines for thousands of years. Working on all aspects of a Low sex drive at once without the possible prescription side effects is an option chosen by many women today.

Living life with a low sex drive is not something a woman has to do. Just as there are treatments for the men out there with a low sex drive there are treatments for women to rectify and reverse the effects of a low sex drive. Both medical and natural treatments are available to up the sex drive and eliminate all corresponding related symptoms. Take back your intimate life by recognizing and treating a very common condition.

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