The Riviera Maya Mexico is a fantastic vacation spot for tourists who would enjoy water sports in the Caribbean ocean, sunbathing on tropical beaches, and excursions to Mayan ruins. To accommodate these masses of tourists flooding to the Mayan Riviera, all-inclusive resorts dot this tropical coast south of Cancun, and these resorts are a popular accommodation choice. But while the ease of an all-inclusive resort may sound attractive to a group of friends or family traveling together, opting for a Riviera Maya vacation rental other than a resort may be a far more enjoyable and economical option. For a group of friends or family, whether it is how much quality living space you have, your dining options, the privacy of your pool and beach access, or the cost effectiveness of the total cash outlay of your group’s stay, a Riviera Maya villa vacation rental may be an excellent choice. This article will look at the unique features of renting a villa for your Riviera Maya vacation rather than staying a resort and how the benefits make it perfect for a vacationing group, whether it be a large family or a group of friends.

A Riviera Maya rental villa can give your group much more private living space as well as more quality areas for you to enjoy each other’s company. The attraction of resorts is that they are all-inclusive. You don’t have to cook a meal, you don’t have to hunt down a restaurant, you have many bars on the property, and services are just a phone call away. But aside from these all-inclusive niceties, a resort is still laid out like a large hotel with adjoining rooms down a public corridor, with no real private common areas for you and your group. A resort attracts a lot of other vacationing tourists, so that especially during high season, they will crowd the common areas where you would like to relax with your group. A Riviera Maya villa, however, is a private home that is being rented out as a vacation rental. Depending upon the size of the villa, it may be able to accommodate anywhere between 6 to 14 people. Although each couple will have their own bedroom, which in size would be equivalent to a resort’s room, your guests will have many more private common areas to be able to enjoy each other’s company — the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the game room, and of course, the patio, pool, and beach area outside. For a large group, it is simply an excellent way to enjoy your living and communal spaces while you stay on the Rivera Maya, and then when you are gathering around the kitchen or dining together at your own private dining table, you will appreciate your food options, too.

A private Riviera Maya vacation rental villa can give you more personal options for dining than a resort can. Of course, if your group is staying in a villa, you can always drive a rental car to a nearby restaurant. And if you don’t want to drive in Mexico, if you inquire the owner, some villas have restaurants within walking distance. Or you can use the Riviera Maya EZ-Locator(TM) online tool to find Riviera Maya villas that are within walking distance of restaurants. And depending upon the particular restaurants that are accessible, you can generally get better food than at an all-inclusive resort with its mass prepared food, even usually better than the sit-down restaurants some resorts have. And, of course, after doing a Walmart run in Playa del Carmen or the nearby “mini-super”, being that your villa will have a kitchen, you can prepare food yourselves. But where your Mayan Riviera vacation villa really shines is with a feature that you can’t get at a resort: with many villas you can hire a cook that works for the villa to prepare meals for you. This is a great plus for a large group, because you pay the cook for the groceries she will buy to prepare the meals, along with a modest amount for her services, so it is very cost-effective. And because she is buying regular store-bought groceries, her food is generally of higher quality than a resort’s in terms of the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the dishes, even if her meals may be more simple. But when I say “simple”, don’t let that fool you … You have a better chance of eating a more authentic Mayan or Mexican meal prepared by the cook in your villa than you do at the resort with their mass food preparation methods. Oftentimes resorts dumb down the native/local food. Many times resort renditions of local favorites are more bland, having less taste and less spice. It feels much more personal to have a Mayan cook preparing your food and serving it to you. And you will most definitely enjoy your interaction with her, while you cozyturtlerv most likely will never even meet the chef at the resort. Even when your cook is not cooking a meal for your group, you will no doubt have many leftovers that you can warm up the next day for a poolside lunch by your private pool, which in itself is another benefit of a private villa.

A villa on the Riviera Maya gives you something that even a condo vacation rental can’t give you and certainly a resort can’t give you: your own private pool and your own private beach. Resorts usually have expansive, lovely pools that span the property. The problem is that they are shared pools. And while that is fine when you want to meet a lot of new people, for your group, wouldn’t it be great to have a smaller pool but have it be entirely private? If you rent a villa, you can inquire from the owner if the pool is a private pool and your group will be able to enjoy it with each other exclusively. Or you can even use a tool such as the┬áRiviera Maya vacation rentals┬áby owner Riviera Maya EZ-Locator to find an indexed list of only Riviera Maya vacation rentals by owner that have, for example, private pools. With a tool such as this, you can quickly narrow down Riviera Maya vacation rentals to display only the vacation rentals that fit your requirements.

Not only does a private villa offer you a private pool, but take a few steps from your pool and you embark on your own private beach! Resort beaches tend to be crowded with lots of lounge chairs and umbrellas. And while no beach is strictly private on the Riviera Maya coast, you can bet your little section of the beach outside your villa will not be easily accessible by other tourists, giving you utmost privacy and pleasure. And instead of walking a mile across the resort to get to the beach from your room, your beach access will be right out your back door. Private pool access and private beach access are just a couple of the amenities that make a private villa a more comfortable and pleasurable choice, and you wouldn’t even think it actually would be a more cost-effective option.

When considering to rent a vacation villa versus staying in an all-inclusive resort, your first thought may not be that the private villa would be a cost-effective solution, but when you have a group vacationing in the Riviera Maya, it certainly can be. Of course, the appeal of a resort is its all-inclusive nature, being that it provides all your meals and alcohol included in the resort price. And a vacation villa may appear expensive when you first glance at its weekly rates. But if you have 6 to 14 people splitting the cost, a villa actually becomes a great deal, especially considering all the privacy you are receiving. With the money you have saved, you can dine at some better quality restaurants and rent a car if you want to venture out and explore the Riviera Maya on your own. I would suggest anyone to stay at a villa instead of a resort in the Riviera Maya because of all the privacy and quality benefits. Even if you are only a couple vacationing, I would suggest a villa, if you could afford it. But when you are a party of 6 to 14 sharing the rental, then the villa becomes surprisingly cost-effective, too.

As you can probably tell by now, even these are just a few of the reasons why a private villa would be a much better choice for a group vacationing in the Riviera Maya to stay than at an all-inclusive resort. Regardless of whether you prefer the privacy of the pool/beach access or the privacy of the common areas where your group can interact, when a group is splitting the cost of a villa, it becomes a cost-effective alternative that will leave you with money left over for hiring services unique to your villa rental such as your own personal Mayan/Mexican cook. The benefits of renting a villa for your group are many, not the least being your group will have a more enjoyable vacation in the Riviera Maya.


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